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Tai grew up dreaming of the perfect bikini. A second-skin fit that morphs into your body, made from great materials at a fair price. She waited, & while trendy swimwear styles came & went, she found herself always waiting for them to go on sale, or struggled to find a suit to meet all her needs.

Tai Swim is created for the cheeky girl from the tropics who needs her dream bikini to look great after every season. The perfect bikini does exist, & Tai finally found it when she designed her own line. 

Our Story

Tai saved up an entire paycheck to buy a designer bikini she wanted. When the adjustable clasps corroded & the straps broke in half after wearing it twice, she realized something had to change. 

In Tai's personal life, her love & care for the planet started in childhood on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Surrounded by her culture & the untouched beauty of the islands where she was raised, she learned very quickly that in order to thrive with our planet, must care for her as she cares for us. Incorporating these values & cultural inspiration from her roots into her swimwear line started on day one. 

Rooted in cultural celebration & dedication

To our planet

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Tai infuses her designs with the vibrant hues & intricate patterns of native flowers bringing forth a deep connection to the 'aina. She uses the original Hawaiian names for her prints honoring the landmarks she grew up with, bringing forth the appreciation for indigenous history of her home. This intentional choice aligns with Tai's role as an advocate for native rights & keeping Hawai'i's cultural identity alive.

Each piece becomes a canvas, blending contemporary fashion with the art of hand drawn prints, paying tribute to the landscapes that have nurtured & shaped Tai from childhood until present day. This dedication to authenticity & cultural representation speaks volumes about Tai Swim Co's vision to transcend the boundaries of fashion, resonating with those who seek garments that reflect not only their style but also their values & connection to the world around them.

Ethical production & eco-friendly materials are non-negotiables

When it comes to crafting swimwear

Tai Swim works closely with our small, family-owned manufacturers who produce our swimwear, clothing & accessories. To ensure fair living wages, ethical high quality of life & sustainable production, we are in close communication almost every day. Our manufacturers are our dear friends, family, & the most essential part of our team. 

Designing sustainably is not difficult, & Tai has taken the steps to keep her brand as eco-friendly as can be. However, having a swimwear brand is inherently, not sustainable. Creating something that doesn't need to be made goes against the definition of environmental care. Tai understands this deeply, so whether it's creating in very small batches, sewing scrunchies from leftover fabric, shipping with compostable mailers, or sourcing fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, a bikini from Tai Swim will always be the better option.

From Big Island, to Kaua'i, then finally, O'ahu

Tai's Origins

Tai is from the Big Island of Hawai'i & spent her baby days in Kealakekua. After a few island hops from Hanalei to Kaimuki through her mom changing jobs, Tai attended & graduated from ‘Iolani School on a full scholarship, where she was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best teachers, artists & designers in their field. Her design career brought her to New York City, where she attended Parsons The New School for Design. There, Tai was able to combine her love of fashion, swimwear & art with her natural affinity for business & merchandising.

Whether she was managing a small start-up swimwear store or overseeing wholesale accounts for a massive retail conglomerate, Tai always knew deep down that it wasn't forever. She decided to listen to her childhood self & make the dream a reality. She dropped out of college, quit her full-time job & launched Tai Swim Co.

Indigenous Impact

Tai Swim Co Today

Tai Swim Co is deeply committed to preserving the culture of our islands & the well-being of our people. The impact of tourism on our island home is ever present & needs to be improved. We believe in promoting sustainable practices that respect our delicate ecosystems & culture. We're determined to ensure that our islands thrive without compromising their natural beauty & the rights of our native communities.

It's about forging a harmonious connection between our traditions and the future, a journey we proudly embark upon by collaborating with Native Hawaiian artists, donating annually to local non-profits, volunteering, supporting tourism reduction efforts & fighting for our sovereignty.

The Team Grows

Ambassador Program

With the launch of the Ambassador Program, Tai Swim Co boldly forges ahead into a new era of diversity & inclusivity. Recognizing the importance of representation & the power of varied perspectives, this initiative sets the stage for individuals from all walks of life to join the Tai Swim Co family.

As a brand deeply rooted in cultural awareness & social responsibility, this program not only celebrates the diversity of its ambassadors but also empowers them to amplify their voices and stories. Tai Swim Co's Ambassador Program stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to fostering a community where individuality is embraced.

Tai Makes her first 100 pieces

And We Sold out

In a landscape dominated by fast fashion's rapid pace, Tai Swim Co proudly champions the significance of small batch swimwear production. We first made 100 pieces & they all went to one retail store. Every piece crafted receives the utmost attention to detail & care, reflecting Tai's dedication to creating timeless items that stand apart.

We've only had to scale up a little bit as quality over quantity will always be the mission. By producing in small batches, Tai minimizes the ecological footprint associated with mass production, utilizing sustainable materials & ethical practices. This ethos not only contributes to a greener planet but also resonates deeply with the brand's identity. Furthermore, small batch production fosters a sense of community & collaboration. Tai's intimate engagement with her customers allows her to understand their preferences, resulting in pieces that align with their desires. Opting for small batch swimwear over fast fashion signifies a conscious choice to cultivate a more profound connection with fashion that transcends trends & encourages mindful shopping.

$220 for one top? You've got to be kidding

Committed to Affordability

Tai found that Hawai'i based swim brands carried a large price tag without the quality to back it up. She used to buy from lots of local brands until she found that the sizing was inconsistent every year, the fabric got crunchy after a few wears, & the prints weren't that cute.

As a teen, she saved every penny with the hope of starting her own brand one day that could fill the void in the Hawai'i designer swimwear market. She could always be found digging through drawers of her friends collections, constantly tracking down sample sales & trunk shows from her favorite local designers, & sewing pieces of her own. We hold a special sense of pride for our sale section, as it embodies the essence of affordable swimwear that Tai cherished during her school days – most pieces priced at $35, reminiscent of the bikinis she used to buy & adore.

Fine, I'll do it myself

Sewing, Stitching, Repairing, you name it.

Tai is a completely self taught seamstress & started obsessing over sewing as it related to bikinis when she was in elementary school. As soon as she got a needle & spools of thread from her mom's closet in her hands, she got to work every weekend as a child patching together pieces of fabric to make something that she hadn't seen before.

She would hem clothing, make curtains, repair carseats & dive into any fashion project that involved stitching & binding seams. In high school, Tai made extra cash by sewing custom bikinis for her friends on the weekends. In college, some of her first projects were gowns made from paper bags & dresses to compliment bikinis made from recycled materials. She was making eco friendly swimwear before the fabric options were widely known.

Bikini Obsessions Begin

As a little girl, her fondest memories begin & end with bikinis.

Tai grew up between three Hawaiian islands where she has been in cheeky bikinis ever since she can remember. She learned to surf, practiced hula, & spent all her free time playing outside all while wearing swimwear that had to keep up with her. Being from & fully immersed in a culture that revolved around the ocean, functional swimwear was necessary at all times.

(Baby Tai pictured at Honokohau Harbor around 1998)

Want to Dive Deeper?

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Sustainability Promise

From working with zero waste retailers to delivering local orders by hand, we're committed to the planet & paving the way for a better future.

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Hawai'i & Tourism, How you can help

Hawai'i is a delicate ecosystem that was allowed time to heal during the reduction of tourism in 2020. It is important that you educate yourself on your impact as a sustainable traveler & do your part to pay reparations to Native Hawaiians who have had their land stolen.

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Ethical Production

It is important to know where & how your clothing is made. Doing your due diligence to make sure you are supporting brands that align with your values is the first step in being an ethical consumer.

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