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In production, a small batch run is typically used to describe a collection that is exclusive & limited. All Tai Swim collections are between 150-300 units, creating minimal impact on the earth with using as little energy sources as possible. The exclusivity keeps Tai Swim special, & opens the doors for better feedback & on-trend adaptability.

Right now, Tai Swim is only available on Oahu in local boutiques in Kailua. Check out our retailers list here.

No, we are not greenwashing. Here are the facts: Tai Swim uses non-toxic natural dyes made from plants (not chemicals) in all our swimwear. When you rinse your suit in the shower, nothing harmful goes down the drain. All our tags are recyclable & have been given second lives. Our packaging is made from post-consumer waste. The shipping mailers we use are 100% compostable & biodegradable. We distribute locally by bicycle (Tai rides her bike to her wholesale vendors & hand-delivers online orders) to reduce the pollution created from traveling by car or plane for shipping. Tai Swim is small batch, & keeps a low carbon footprint by creating a minimally harmful impact on our beautiful planet. Her production quantities consist of less than 10 of each size for all styles. The swimwear industry is horribly unsustainable, & every effort counts toward cutting down on water usage & striving to use fabric made from biodegradable/recycled fibers. We're working on being better every day.

In her personal life, Tai has been 100% vegan for years & shops at local farms on Oahu. She lives in a plastic-free home, & bikes to work every day. A minimalist, Tai rarely shops for anything new -- preferring vintage & second hand styles over fast fashion. Everything in her home is vegan, non-toxic & cruelty free. She does not wear makeup of any kind, & has been known to make her own hygienic products from deodorant to toothpaste. If you'd like to dive into the lifestyle that surrounds Tai Swim & our core values, check out the About page.

Tai Swim collections launch 1-2 times per year, with a small capsule collection for special holidays & events. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about collection drops.

Absolutely! My primary models are ambassadors, however I am always looking for new faces & bodies to rock Tai Swim! Send us an email at or reach out via Instagram DM.


If you're in-between sizes, definitely size up! Although our suits run true to size, they feature sporty cuts & are very cheeky. While this can provide maximum support while playing in the water, the suits often feel tighter than normal. Our size guide is the best place to find your perfect fit.

All Tai Swim fits true to size, & on the cheekier side for bottoms. See our size guide for more info. 

Yes. Tai Swim Suits run very true to size & will have a sporty/cheeky fit. They run on the more secure side to keep up with an active water lifestyle. See our size guide to find the perfect fit for you!

Shipping & Returns

Nope! All Tai Swim deliveries will be shipped out on time as always, most likely same day! I am lucky that my operation is very small & I am able to fulfill orders from the comfort of my house. Should you have any questions about delivery times, check out our shipping policy or send us an email at for specific locations.

In the unlikely event that your suit was damaged in transit or damaged upon arrival, shoot us an email at so we can sort it out for you!

Absolutely. We want to make sure you LOVE your bikini. If it doesn't fit, you can exchange it up to 30 days after receiving your item. See our exchange policy here.

Your order should arrive no later than 10 days after you have made the purchase in the USA. Average orders in Hawai'i arrive after 2 days, & in the contiguous United States, about one week. Your order will be shipped out the next day, excluding Sundays when the Post Office is closed. Please see our Shipping Policy for more info.


Check out our how to guide on washing your bikini.
Take it right into the shower with you after the beach! Or washing with cold water in the sink always works too. Do not put your Tai Swim bikini (or any bikini for that matter) in the washing machine, EVER.

Tai Swim suits are very limited & small batch. Once something is sold out, it’s gone for good. The best way to find out about potential restocks is to sign up for our newsletter. In special cases, I may have some photoshoot samples or extra suits laying around — feel free to reach out to & we can find that bikini for you!

Tai Swim is made from durable nylon/spandex that does not require padding for most tops. The tightness & sporty cut makes padding unnecessary. However, if you prefer padding, we do make tops that come with them.

It's simply THE BEST! It means that there isn't that annoying strip of spandex digging into your skin when you're trying to tan. There is no visible seam from the inside or outside of the bikini. This also makes most of our swimwear reversible. If you accidentally wear it inside out, nobody will notice! If you have never tried a suit with seamless stitchting, it's time to upgrade your 'kini!

Yes, our samples & initial designs are made at Tai's house. All bikini samples & pre-production designs are hand-sewn by her on Oahu in Hawai’i. For the final collection launches, we make those suits off the island to ensure on-time collection drops, highest manufacturing quality & ethically responsible production.

Yes! Tai Swim suits all feature seamless stitching, so the suit can be reversed in many ways. This makes the bikini much more comfortable than the average swimsuit. Some suits reverse to a different color allowing for multiple looks in one beach day.