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How To Wash Your Bikini [Infographic]

We all have that designer bikini we love. It’s with us through all the insta pics & it gets all the compliments at the beach. With all the wearing, that go-to suit ends up fading & looking a little raggedy after a couple of seasons — eventually retiring to the bin of suits that never get used. This crushes me, because there is a simple solution to keeping your suit looking perfect forever.  This is a how-to guide on the best way to keep your designer swimwear & bikinis looking brand new. If you clean your bathing suit after every use it can last for years & still look like the date it was purchased. 1. Rinse Bikini In Cold...

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Top 10 Instagram Story Filters for Bikini Selfies

Here are 10 Instagram story filters for bikini selfies that you can't live without. There are so many to choose from, so making sure that you pick the best ones is crucial to up your swimsuit selfie game. Just tap "Save Effect" on your screen & a world of professional photographer approved edits are at your fingertips!

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