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Become An Ambassador

Are you obsessed with promoting your favorite local bikini purchases to your followers on social media? If yes, then the Tai Swim Ambassador Program is perfect for you.

We are looking for enthusiastic & confident people to join the Tai Swim crew & promote the genuine lifestyle of body positivity, inclusion & diversity that we represent through social media. We are happy to have any gender, size, ethnicity, or sexual orientation based in any location. Can't wait to work together! 

What you’ll get as a Tai Swim Co Ambassador:

  1. A generous 25%-50% off discount code that can be used indefinitely in combination with sale items, & on unreleased collection drops.
  2. An affiliate code to share with your friends & fam to get 15% off.
  3. VIP guest invite to private shopping events, brand trips, retailer openings & launch parties.
  4. First pick of unreleased drops before they launch.
  5. You will be included in our e-commerce web shoots, lifestyle shoots, event shoots, all content creation & more.
  6. Join our IG group chat with 30+ people & the owner Tai where we plan photoshoots & events, preview upcoming collections, generate feedback on fits/cuts/quality & discuss how the brand can continue to grow. You will stay up to date on how the brand is developing, & be provided resources to help promote Tai Swim.
  7. Opportunities to receive free gifts & trial products with high ambassador performance.
  8. 10% cash commission on new retailer wholesale orders when they reach the minimum order amount with Tai Swim.

To become a Tai Swim Co ambassador, please apply on our website using our super easy application. Please include the following in your message:

    • Your current Tai Swim Collection. Most ambassadors have 6-25 Tai Swim pieces
    • Links to 4-6 tagged Tai Swim feed posts on IG or TikTok
    • Your order number placed in the last 30 days
    • Your favorite Tai Swim piece that you own with a screenshot of your review of it on the website

The ideal Tai Swim ambassador is:

  1. Committed to the planet & sustainability through supporting the local economy, being passionate about eco-friendly causes & show a genuine care & devotion to helping to eliminate waste on earth.
  2. Being that Tai Swim Co is born & based in Hawai’i, we are looking for people who understand the deeply privileged placement of the brand in regards to respecting Native Hawaiian culture, celebrating & nurturing the ‘aina, advocating for better systems to be put in place to restrict unsustainable tourism, prevent glorification of “paradise”, & avoid exploiting & profiting off a culture that has been so negatively affected by modern day colonization in the way in which you carry yourself representing Tai Swim. There are many swimwear brands based in Hawai'i that are owned by people not from here. They simply aim to profit off a culture they are not part of. Tai Swim Co is proud to be native/locally owned & operated.
  3. You have a consistent posting strategy including several permanent feed posts showcasing your favorite Tai Swim Co products that you own. We should be able to visit your social media profiles & see your Tai Swim collection prominently featured.
  4. Be over the age of 18 & have an active public Instagram & TikTok account. You must post regularly (3-4 times per week on your stories or feed) in your Tai Swim bikinis & accessories with your unique sharable discount code.

Tell us a little about yourself & include your social media handles in the email. Once you've contacted us expressing your interest in joining the program, we will review your application. If you are selected, we will respond with a welcome package & unique discount code that you can use on the site to get all your favorite bikinis & accessories. 

Email us or use the form below to apply today ➔

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