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Article: Authenticity Over Collaborations: Why Tai Swim Co & Other Brands Take a Different Approach

Authenticity Over Collaborations: Why Tai Swim Co & Other Brands Take a Different Approach

Authenticity Over Collaborations: Why Tai Swim Co & Other Brands Take a Different Approach

In an era dominated by influencer culture and brand collaborations, Tai Swim Co has chosen to follow a path less traveled. As a small batch bikini brand deeply rooted in authenticity and genuine connections, we have consciously decided not to engage in traditional 'collabs' where products are sent to influencers with the hope of exposure.

At Tai Swim Co, we believe in authenticity. We believe in real connections, real experiences, and real engagement. We believe in a community that's built on genuine love for our swimwear, not on transactions. Hence, our approach to collaborations is decidedly unique.

This year, we launched our first ever ambassador program. We have hosted events, photoshoots, brand trips & more. We have cultivated genuine relationships with some of our best customers & loyal supporters which is more authentic than sending a stranger something that they have never considered purchasing.

And let's talk about the classic 'hey wanna collab' DM—a not-so-welcome guest in the inbox of every small business owner.

You take a peek at their profile, and what do you find? They aren't even following you, the one small, simple gesture that costs them nothing but means the world to a creator. But oh no, that's too much to ask, apparently.

And let's talk about the audacity. Some "creators" have been known to charge a whopping $3,000-$10,000 for a feed post when their follower count struggles to hit double digits. It's like they've cracked the code to making brands rich overnight with their ten followers. "If I ever receive DMs like that, they swiftly find their way into the digital trash bin" said one small business owner. They followed up with "if I'm feeling generous, I might just send them this blog post—consider it a crash course in manners and genuine collaboration."

Here are some of the reasons why brands are taking a different approach with the way they build their brand presence these days:

Building Genuine Relationships: Instead of pursuing fleeting collabs with a multitude of influencers, we focus on building genuine relationships with our customers. Our brand is immensely grateful to have a tribe of ambassadors—individuals who genuinely love our products and choose to buy them. These ambassadors organically promote Tai Swim Co. to their community because they believe in what we stand for and the quality of our swimwear.

Supporting Authentic Advocates: Our ambassadors are not just promoters; they're genuine advocates of our brand. They choose to invest in our products, making their endorsement authentic and meaningful. Their support comes from a place of love for our designs, sustainability initiatives, and commitment to quality. This creates a more authentic and trustworthy connection with potential customers.

Promoting Transparency and Integrity: We value transparency and integrity in our business practices. Our approach ensures that our ambassadors are not merely interested in freebies but are genuinely aligned with our brand's ethos. This fosters a community where trust and credibility are the cornerstones of our relationship with our advocates and customers.

Focusing on Meaningful Engagement: Rather than measuring success through the number of influencers we collaborate with, we measure our success by the meaningful engagement we cultivate with our customers. We strive for interactions that go beyond the superficial, where our customers feel heard, valued, and appreciated. One time, we did an A/B test and sent a suit to a creator with over a million followers, and one with just over a thousand. The creator with a million followers posted on their story and didn't tag us. The suit was never seen again despite an agreement. The creator with the small following posted about it in their feed & tiktok, but because our brand is so small batch, we sent them the last suit of that kind. So everything they were promoting was sold out. Neither creator generated any sales, and we actually received a return request that day. Not to say that it was related, but it was a funny coincidence.

Quality Over Quantity: In a world of rapidly changing trends and fleeting influencer fame, we believe in the enduring power of quality. We emphasize crafting durable, timeless swimwear that stands the test of time, embodying the essence of sustainability. Our focus remains on producing swimwear that our customers cherish, use, and love, rather than just momentarily flaunt.

At Tai Swim Co., we proudly operate on a small batch model, crafting our swimwear with meticulous attention and care.

Our limited production means that often, just a single piece remains available on our website. When someone reaches out seeking a collaboration and scores that last piece, it's disheartening for both parties.

The unfortunate reality is that they end up promoting a product that we no longer have in stock, unintentionally creating frustration for potential customers. Our commitment lies in providing genuine and honest experiences, aligning with our values of transparency and authenticity

Tai Swim Co believes in fostering genuine connections and promoting a culture of authenticity. We strive to build a community based on shared values, mutual respect, and a deep appreciation for quality swimwear. While collabs have their place in the industry, we're proud to take a stand for what we believe in, staying true to our values and the essence of genuine connection. It's not about quantity; it's about quality and authenticity.

Be a part of Tai Swim Co, a brand that believes in you, in us, and in the beauty of genuine relationships. Our ambassador applications are always open, we look forward to you joining us in our journey towards authenticity. 

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