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Article: How to Draw a Print Pattern for Swimsuits: Ewa by Tai Swim

How to Draw a Print Pattern for Swimsuits: Ewa by Tai Swim

How to Draw a Print Pattern for Swimsuits: Ewa by Tai Swim

Hey girlies, it's Tai. I'm here to share some behind-the-scenes printmaking magic. Today, I'm diving into the art of drawing patterns for swimsuits. Buckle up; it's about to get creative, but also a little messy.

Designing a swimsuit pattern is a dance between precision and chaos, as any artist or creator might learn. Sometimes a mistake can lead to your biggest breakthrough. So, let's talk about my latest print, "EWA." Our Hawaiian dictionary gives us the definition, crooked. In school, my Hawaiian history teachers gave me so many definitions -- some sharing the mo'olelo of Kane & Kanaloa finding the original name place for 'Ewa Beach. Others shared how it can mean ill-fitting, or "a little off". It's also commonly known as just a simple way to explain the directional location of northwest on O'ahu. Now, before you raise an eyebrow, let me explain.

Drawing patterns is like orchestrating a symphony of curves and lines. It's a meticulous process. The "EWA" print, with its playful crookedness, celebrates the imperfections inherent in every stroke of creativity.

Willow Maxi Dress in Ewa

Picture this: sitting with a piece of paper, mapping out the blueprint for a new pattern. The lines need to be just right, curves accentuated, proportions perfected. But wait, here's where the magic happens. The "EWA" print steps in with its rebel spirit. It's a reminder that art isn't about rigid perfection; it's about embracing the beautifully unexpected.

Willow Maxi Dress in Ewa

In the world of swimsuit design, sometimes prints with the most imperfections can bring a refreshing twist. It's not about straight lines and predictable patterns. Instead, it's a celebration of the wonderfully crooked path that creativity often takes. Think of it as catching a wave that has a mind of its own, guiding you to uncharted territories.

Tai Top + Bottom in Ewa

As you draw the pattern, you might encounter those charming imperfections. A line might veer off course, a curve might take an unexpected turn. And guess what? That's the sweet spot. The "EWA" print tells us that these imperfections are what make the design uniquely perfect.

Now, let's talk technique. When drawing your swimsuit pattern, let your hand dance freely. Don't be afraid to deviate from the conventional. Allow those crooked lines to intertwine and create something that speaks to the heart soul of your design.

Here's the secret sauce: imperfections have character. They tell a story of an artist who dared to break free from the expected. So, as you dive into the world of pattern-making, embrace the idea that not everything needs to be perfect. Let your lines be a little crooked, your curves a bit unpredictable.

Braden Shirt in Ewa

In the grand tapestry of swimwear design, the "EWA" print is our way of saying, "Hey, perfection is overrated. Let's celebrate the twists and turns that make our creations uniquely beautiful."

As you craft your swimsuit pattern, remember, it's not just about lines on paper; it's about the journey of creation. So, grab that sketchpad, ride the creative wave, and let the "EWA" print be your guide to the beautifully crooked world of swimwear design.

Stay tuned for the EWA drop, coming February 17th 2024. 

Please read: The composition of this piece involved collaboration with recognized Hawaiian language experts affiliated with the University of Hawaii. Our intention was to explore the intricate nuances of the Hawaiian language, which, like any living language, undergoes continual evolution and adaptation. The richness of the Hawaiian language lies in its inherent dynamism, leading to diverse interpretations and meanings. In our exploration of the "EWA" print, we have embraced the term's multifold nature. It is crucial to acknowledge that language is subject to ongoing transformation, presenting a spectrum of definitions across different temporal and cultural contexts. We invite readers to engage in this communal exploration by sharing their interpretations or contributing to the evolving discourse in the comments section. Language, in our view, thrives when it becomes a collective experience, with each perspective contributing to the mosaic of meanings.

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