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Article: Why are bikinis so expensive? Here are 5 Reasons.

Why are bikinis so expensive? Here are 5 Reasons.

Why are bikinis so expensive? Here are 5 Reasons.

We get it. Sometimes that cheap bikini is just what you need to fill your swimsuit season's needs. You maybe wear it once or twice, then donate or sell it. In Hawai'i, choosing high quality designer swimwear is an investment toward your lifestyle, not a one-time costume. Hawai'i girls will tell you that they don't ever apologize for investing in quality, and sometimes that tab can run up to $200 for just one swimsuit top. 

For the sake of this blog post, we'll consider expensive swimwear in the $70-$200 (for one piece) range, since we are referring to luxury items. Most huge swim and surf brands that have been around for the longest are pricing their swimwear in the mid range aorund $40-$50 per piece, which in our opinion, is affordable in 2024. Unfortunately fast fashion has warped our mindsets for how much things should cost. When half the suits on Shein are rip-offs from smaller designers, their customers start to believe that because they look the same, they are the same. That could not be further from the truth. 

When you explain this to someone in-person, they understand it without a doubt. It's when you get on TikTok and see small creators showing their expertly crafted small batch sustainable bikinis and all the comments are hate. "WHY is it $60? I just bought 6 suits from Walmart for $40" or "NOT FOR THAT price". It's extremely discouraging. Everybody wants the look without having to spend a whole lot, but you can't have it both ways. The girls who spend a little more on their suits will tell you that the best bikinis they have ever had are the ones that were probably pricier than the rest. It's one of the best kept secrets that majority of our friends from the states can't seem to understand.

So let's dive straight into the sizzling topic that's been making waves: why the heck are bikinis so expensive? Before you think this is just another rant, let's break down the facts and reveal some truth on why investing in quality swimwear is worth every penny.

  1. It's All About the Fabric, Baby: So, you scored that $20 bikini from the bargain bin at a massive chain store, and it disintegrated after a few dips in the salty sea. Surprise, surprise! Quality comes with a price. Hawai'i designers know that the fabric is the backbone of a bikini. At Tai Swim Co, we choose materials that can handle the sun, salt, and surf without losing their vibrant colors or structural integrity. They are made from 100% recycled materials & are dyed naturally - meaning the color won't fade over time since it's not synthetic. 

  2. Hardware-Free Happiness: Ever had a metal clasp or buckle give out during your first wear with your new suit? Yeah, not fun. High-end Hawai'i swimwear often skips the hardware for a seamless, comfy fit. No rust, no awkward tan lines, no constant replacement. While hardware can offer more size inclusion with adjustability, you can often achieve the same goal with long ties or better designed swim cuts.

  3. Seamless Mastery: Seamless stitching isn't just a design choice; it's an art form. Hawai'i swimwear embraces this technique, giving you reversible options that are as versatile as your island adventures. You get two looks in one, and who doesn't love a double-feature? Yeah, your bikini top might have cost $100, but if its reversible, then it's more like you're getting two for an extremely fair price. 

  4. Local Love and Expert Craftsmanship: When you're investing in a locally-designed bikini, you're not just buying swimwear; you're supporting local artisans and craftsmanship. Each piece is a labor of love, carefully crafted by skilled hands who understand the unique demands of island life. Also let's just be real - those cheaper, mass produced, graphic print digital design bikinis with the bright colors from our middle-school eras are just plain ugly. There is nothing cute about them, in our opinion. We have put this to the test wearing both. The compliments that you get wearing high end luxury designer swimwear from a local brand make the heads spin like no other.

  5. Worth the Investment: Let's talk longevity. Sure, you could grab that $10 special every season, but how many Walmart swimsuits will you toss in a landfill by the time our luxury piece is still strutting its stuff? It's not just about affordability; it's about sustainable choices and creating less waste.

In a world of throwaway fashion, investing in quality swimwear isn't just about showing off; it's an investment in yourself. So, next time you eye a price tag and gasp, remember, it's not just a bikini; it's a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the lifestyle that makes Hawai'i swimwear stand out.

This isn't a snub to those who choose cheap swimwear. We get it; budgets are a real thing. But hey, don't judge us for rocking a $200 one-piece because we won't feel bad about it. In the same way that you would spend a couple hundred on a high quality winter coat that doesn't need maintenance or replacement season after season, we'll continue spending our paychecks on the hottest bikinis on the beach. We're not just buying swimwear; we're investing in an ocean-loving, beach-chic lifestyle that lasts for years to come, while your Shein suit falls apart.

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The best swimsuit top I ever bought was made by my friend who is from Hawaii. My friend also gifted me a suit from your brand and it’s the only top that hasn’t started to show signs of wear and I think its from your hibiscus solid collection in 2021 (3 years ago!!!). Really great quality. I read your about page and saw that you used to make swimsuits in high school. I truly believe that Hawaii girls who have a deep understanding of swimsuits make them better quality and make choices that make them last longer than the average. Alot of people don’t understand that when you live on an island, bikinis are an every day thing. I’m from florida and I connect with this article alot because I don’t just wear my swimsuits for a season and then either discard them or throw them away because they fell apart. My favorite brand is kulani and its huge here in florida. But I see all the comment sections on tiktok saying “$60 is not worth it for a bikini top”. I guess we’ll just have to gatekeep this secret for now that paying for a higher quality suit leads to a higher quality experience in the water. I’ve worn my fair share of crappy swimsuits and I am never going back. This was supposed to be a short comment but it turned into a rant, I am very passionate about this. Anyway keep doing what you are doing, clearly its working. – Lisa, a big fan =-)


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