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Article: What is a Brazilian Bikini?

What is a Brazilian Bikini?

What is a Brazilian Bikini?

Brazilian Bikinis Are The Best. But Why?

Brazilian bikinis are a popular swimsuit style that originated in Brazil and have become a worldwide sensation. The Brazilian cut bikini is characterized by its low-rise waistline, high-cut legs, and thong back. Typically, a Brazilian bikini is a happy medium between a thong or g-string and a full coverage swimsuit. This unique design offers minimal coverage with maximum style, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a tasteful, but sexy beach look. Best of all, the style prevents the dreaded saggy diaper-looking bottom at the beach. So, no matter whether you're looking for a simple black bikini or something more playful, a Brazilian bikini is going to be the best bikini for you!

Brazilian Bikinis in Hawaii

Brazilian bikinis are the most popular style of bikinis in the Hawaiian islands. Due to their minimal coverage, they have become a staple of Hawaiian bikini culture. The Brazilian cut in Hawaii seems impervious to generational changes in fashion because it makes the most sense for people who are out in the sun and the ocean the most. They make it easy to tan the majority of your body and make it easy to move the suits around to avoid harsh tan lines. Although many people associate this bikini style with younger generations, ladies of all ages have found this unique style perfect for the island lifestyle for all of these reasons. 

The Pros and Cons of Brazilian Bikinis


  • Accentuates all body types
  • More flattering style
  • More comfortable
  • Easier to store & pack. You can fit probably triple the amount of swimwear pieces in your travel bags versus one large full coverage one-piece.
  • Can sometimes be worn reversible
  • Your partner will love it. You won't be going back to those diaper bottoms ever again, we promise. 
  • Increased confidence: Wearing a thong bikini may make some people feel more confident and empowered, especially if they feel comfortable and happy with their body.
  • Easier to swim in. No drag!
  • Tanning: A thong bikini can provide more skin exposure to the sun, which may result in more even tanning across the body.
  • Reduced tan lines: Because a thong bikini covers less skin, it can reduce the appearance of tan lines, which some people may find desirable.
  • Fashion statement: For some individuals, a thong bikini may be a fashion statement or a way to express their personal style.


    • Discomfort: Wearing a bikini that is too revealing may not provide enough coverage and support for your body
    • Sunburn: If you're wearing a bikini that doesn't cover enough of your skin, you may be more prone to getting sunburned in areas that are exposed to the sun.
    • Unwanted attention: A bikini that is too revealing may draw unwanted attention from strangers, which can make some people feel uncomfortable or objectified.
    • Cultural insensitivity: In some cultures or contexts, wearing a too revealing bikini may be seen as culturally insensitive or inappropriate. It's important to be aware of cultural norms and expectations when choosing what to wear.
    • Dress code violations: In some settings, such as certain workplaces or public areas, there may be dress code restrictions that prohibit overly revealing clothing.
    Overall, it's important to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, but it's also important to be aware of potential negative consequences of wearing a too revealing bikini and to use discretion in different situations. Hope this post helped you see some of the pros of wearing a more cheeky bikini. Shop the latest cute sustainable swimwear options from Tai Swim Co.

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