How to Make Your Bikini Bottoms Cheekier

Reasons you may want your swimwear to look cheekier

There's a multitude of reasons that you might want your bikini bottoms to look cheekier. Some girls think that it makes them look taller. Whereas others find cheeky swimwear to be more comfortable. You'll find that most girls agree though that cheekier swimwear shows off their defined figures better than other types of swimwear. This post will have the best tips for a cheekier bikini.

Do I need a skimpy bikini in order to have a cheeky look?

Yes and no. A cheeky bikini bottom will definitely look cheekier because the cut was designed to be that way. However, with almost any type of bikini you can get a cheekier look with a few of the pointers below:

1. Pull the straps on your bottoms above your hips

Don't be afraid. Pull them up! Some swimwear is meant to be worn high on the hips for a reason. When you wear them low if that's not the design, extra fabric will dangle around & not provide the most flattering look.

2. Wear the swimsuits backwards

Typically, most swimwear will have more fabric coverage on the back of the swimsuit as opposed to the front of the suit. Sometimes its as easy as just wearing the bottoms backwards that will give the cheekier look that many girls are trying to get. This obviously won't work with all types of bottoms, but its worth a shot to see how they look. 

3. Find bikinis with a "v" shape

Swimwear bottoms with a "v" shape will naturally sit high leaving little to no work on your part for maintaining the cheekiest look.

4. If taking photos, try shooting from a low angle

It's no secret that the lower the angle, the taller you look. It's a simple matter of perspective. That being said, this strategy also works with wearable garments. If you point your camera from a slightly lower vantage point, you'll maintain the cheeky look even if the style you're wearing isn't as high rise as most!


Tips for a cheekier bikini

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